Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up ?

You go directly to our Sign Up Page by clicking HERE where you can choose from our monthly membership or an individual program,. Or you can do a drop in for $2.99 to our Livestream classes . In addition you will need to fill out a health form before you attend one of our online classes or events.

I have never done yoga, but I would like to begin. How do I do that?

You will want to attend our Four Week Beginners Series, which meets quarterly on Sundays from 10-11am EST Click HERE to sign up.

Can I watch the class at a later time?

Yes! All classes are recorded and are available in our Members Only Library

I am an above elbow amputee, bilateral below knee amputee, etc. Can I still do yoga?

Yoga for Amputees prides itself in making yoga accessible to ALL bodies and abilities. We even have specific classes just for your type of amputation. All of our live classes come with modifications for all levels of amputation.

Do I need to wear my prosthesis to do yoga?

No you do not. We have classes specific to those wearing prosthetics and those who don't. Our beginners and more gentle classes are demonstrated with and without prosthesis. Our more vigorous classes offer guidelines with and without prosthesis. We also have chair yoga classes for those who would prefer to stay seated.

I'm not flexible and do not like to meditate. Is yoga still for me?

Absolutely. We practice yoga so we can become flexible and strong. Meditation is only one tool to relax the mind . Yoga has many other practices which can help settle that busy , stressed mind.